Where & Why #MillennialsOnTheMove

So you want to travel? Are you looking to relocate or just experience the world with a quick vacation? Either way the first thing to do is research.

If you’re looking to relocate, the main thing to narrow down for research is an environment type; what is the living cost? Does it match your budget? Are you looking for a city or a country feel? What are the transportation options, do you need a car or is public transportation sufficient? What are potential career options in the area? And finally what is your ultimate goal or gains from relocating?

If you’re looking to take a vacation, research should focus around budget, time frame, desired environment, and potential activities.

Just by taking the first step towards your goal of travel you can make all your dreams come true. Step 1- is envisioning your goal, by researching you can better envision and therefore actualize your goals/dreams. The next #MillennialsOnTheMove post will be about financing your relocation or vacation. #2015LivingMyDreams

Flash Back Friday: Travel Edition

FlashBackFriday: Travel Edition

“Can I get a window seat”…..  reminiscing on past vacations, during this bitter East Coast winter.  Have you ever just thought I need change?  Have you ever acted on it?  What usually stopped me from acting on my urges to leave everything behind and go after what I want, there was always an obligation (job, family, etc.).  Looking through old photos and videos helped me remind myself of how much I love to travel, and that travel can be done on any budget.  Check out my below short vlog of my past travels and let me know where is your next destination, are you in the process of researching destinations, time frame, or budget?  Also be on the lookout for future blogs documenting our (me, hubby, & Jimi our dog) cross-country journey to California; I will be sharing all the great tips and pointers I learn along the way :-) #MillenialsOnTheMove


Monday Music Madness

Theme song of the week is *drum roll*….. Take Me to Church by Hozier

I may be a little late to the rock party of Irish singer/songwriter Hozier but it seems he has taken the music world by storm with his self-titled debut album.  Check out the song that will be helping me get through this week especially since I can’t get it out of my head ‘Take Me to Church’, this guy is sure to become a rock legend.

Some of his other notable songs from his self-titled debut album are ‘Jackie and Wilson’ and ‘Work Song’ check them out below.

Flash Back Friday: Fashion Edition

I’ve been M.I.A. lately due to my work obligations, hopefully in the near future I will be able to update you with a few links to my actual bread and butter work.  For now check out the below ‘Flash Back Friday: Fashion Edition’ for what I’ve been wearing over the Fall and now Winter season.









I’m Just Saying……. (Bill Cosby allegations)

How did the mass media acquire the power to be judge and jury?

I wasn’t going to comment on the whole Bill Cosby allegations but I can not hold in my thoughts any longer.

First of all you can not believe everything that the mass media puts out; TV, newspapers, and online news sites only put out what brings them the most viewers, buyers and web clicks. Meaning they give you the most sensational part of any story, basically they go for shock value.

Secondly if you read more into these women who have come forward with allegations, you will see that at least one of them admitted to having an on again off again affair with Bill Cosby for two years after she alleges she was drugged and woke up disheveled. Does that not seem odd?!

Third some of these women admit to voluntarily being flown to different locations to meet Cosby, taking alcoholic drinks and unknown pills from him. And then after being allegedly assaulted the women say they continued to go to visit Cosby in apartments/places by themselves.

So my question is you trusted a man from TV so much that you would go to a private location by yourself and then after being allegedly drugged and waking up disheveled you would continue to go see this man and be flown to different cities to visit him. Not to mention these women were between the ages of 17-22 yrs., why in the hell are you flying out to see a married man twice your age and having drinks with him?!

No woman should have to fear for her well being around any man, and no the blame is not all on the woman. Both parties have to hold some responsibility. I do believe that Mr. Cosby is a hypocrite and most likely had affairs galore and he will be judged by the only one who can judge him GOD. But once again that is my opinion after looking over the facts of the allegations, don’t follow the masses and make the decision to find this man guilty in the court of public opinion while allowing others to have the decency to being innocent until proven guilty. Where is the proof!

I say all this to say we as the black community need to not allow mass media to turn every black male into a monster and not allow them to tarnish the groundbreaking, positive, iconic image of The Cosby Show. One of the few shows that displays our community in a positive light.

Source of where I read more about the allegations- http://www.cnn.com/…/cele…/bill-cosby-allegations/index.html


Monday Music Madness


The California singer, song writer beauty is back and just in time to remind the world of what a true female hip hop/pop talent looks and sounds like.  Fergie is best known for her role in the extremely popular group The Black Eyed Peas as the flavorful female vocalist.  Some of her solo big hits include ‘London Bridge’ and ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry’, hands down this chick is a true multi talent with undeniable lyrical ability.  What makes me love Fergie even more is how real she is, unlike some other new comers to the music scene Fergie is not a gimmick.  Check out her latest Billboard hit single ‘L.A. Love (la la)’


Monday Music Madness

The theme song of the week is uplifting and funky at the same time, Kendrick Lamar’s new single “i” is definitely eargasmic.  I like this song because it has the message of loving yourself even with all the craziness going on in the world all while Kendrick flows over a very funkadelic old school beat.  Kendrick’s thought-provoking lyrics are definitely needed in HipHop today and  I am looking forward to seeing what the rest of his upcoming sophomore album will sound like. (The album has not yet been given a release date or title. ) Check out the song below, let me know what you think.


I Been Cooking, I Been Cooking *in my Beyonce Drunk In Love Voice*

Getting back to some good old healthy home cooked meals. Check out the deets to my healthy meals below.

Lemon Shrimp Pasta with Spinach Leaves



Medium shrimp (deveined & tail off), Fettuicine Noodles, Lemon juice, Garlic Clove (thinly sliced), Olive oil, Spinach Leaves, salt and Italian seasoning


Chicken Quesadilla




Chicken strips (or boneless chicken breast) chopped up, Tortilla, shredded cheddar cheese, lettuces, tomato, onion, cilantro, lime juice(to make homemade pico de gallo or you can buy it already made), avocado and guacamole seasoning (to make homemade guacamole or you can buy it already made)

I’m Just Saying……

When will the over the top “Booty Craze” end?!

Okay we get it, everyone has a booty and wants to show it.  With the recent award show performances, it seems to be an abundance of nudity and booty.  And then Vogue posts an article about BOOTY!!  The backlash was swift on social media, thank goodness I am not the only one who feels that a big butt is nothing new. (the twitter response was brutal) 

So I’m just saying, enough with the shock value we get it everyone is super comfortable with their body and wants to show off their booty. Enough already! Let’s keep it sexy & classy ladies. What are your thoughts?  We want more or is it enough already?

Nicki Minaj Fashion Rocks Performance
Nicki Minaj Fashion Rocks Performance
J.Lo Fashion Rocks Performance
J.Lo Fashion Rocks Performance







(No Shade to the OG fashion goddess J. Lo loved her since day one, still amazing and classy.  And I still love Nicki fellow Sagittarius but I think it needs to be toned down a bit.)



Monday Music Madness

The theme song of this week is Rita Ora- “I Will Never Let You Down”  I couldn’t really get into the whole Rita Ora invasion, even though her PR team was doing everything possible to shove her and her music down America’s throats.  But with this song I finally feel like I can get into who Rita Ora actually is, before it just seemed like she was trying too hard.  Now I can hear her voice and see her personality .  It  also doesn’t hurt that this video is right on trend with the 90’s revival.  The video is giving Sinead O’Connor/Gwen Stefani (No Doubt days circa 1995)/J.Lo (In Living Color Fly Girl days) and the movie Clueless.  I LOVE IT!!!! Check it out below….


The Artist of the week is Taylor Swift, you’re probably wondering why I am choosing such a well known artist for the spotlight?  Well with the country artist recently announcing that she will be doing an all Pop album, I see her as a new artist in the Pop genre even though she has been writing hits in the genre for years now.  Personally I don’t think she had to make the announcement, I think most of her fans could already sense the transition.  Her last album ‘Red’ was categorized as Country & Rock, though the album’s lead song “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” peaked at number #1 on the Billboard Pop chart but I guess she just wanted to make things clear for anyone wondering.  Check out her very Pop song “Shake It Off”.  This song has replaced Pharrell’s “Happy” in my morning dance routine.