OOTD It Never Rains In SoCal *side eye*

So last week was a very gray, and gloomy week accompanied with you guessed it a few rain drops. The only positive thing about the rain and cloudy, chilly days was the fact that California is in a drought so we need every bit of rain we can get and I got to wear my Zara leather pants that I purchased while still on the East Coast and never got the chance to wear!  Check it out below….


FullSizeRender Of course throughout the day I switched from my flats to my heels, but I kind of like the pants better with the flats.



Outfit details:

Zara -cream leather pants

Pumps- Target black pumps

Flats- Forever 21 or DSW *not sure*

V-neck shirt- American Apparel

Sweater- H&M

Testing, testing…. is there a BB cream out there for me?!

On the hunt for the perfect BB cream!  With summer literally right around the corner (June 21), I need a go to bb cream or primer so that I don’t have to wear a full “beat face” of makeup daily and still be camera ready.  I have tried two so far that left me disappointed and wondering are bb creams all hype?  But I’m still on the hunt and I wanted to document my skin care journey. Below is my review on the two creams I have tried and two more that I will be trying out next.

Maybelline BB cream-






This was not good on my skin, I have oily skin and this made my skin first look dry and then it got really oily throughout the day and did not match my skin tone.


I also tried Loreal BB cream-


I really liked this cream for the first two days then I started to have skin irritation. I stopped using it for a day to see if it was the cream and the irritation went away, then I used it again the following day and my skin became irritated again. Reasons why I liked the bb cream it gave me a flawless even skin tone appearance and it didn’t make me look oily by the end of the day but I didn’t like how I would have visible breakouts and blemishes when I removed the cream at the end of the day. I may give this product another try and test it more on a long term basis, maybe a month.


BB creams/ primers I want to try and most likely will test in the near future,

Neutrogena healthy skin primer-






Clinique BB cream-







My skin type is medium dark, oily, and acne prone. Overall since moving to a different my skin is clearer, fewer breakouts and my skin appears to have a more even tone. My aim is to have brighter and more even toned skin; along with a regular skin care regimen for day and night time including the healthiest and most natural products. Looking forward to finding some great everyday skin care products.
If you have any suggestions for me leave comments, I would love to hear them. 


Monday Music Madness!!

So with my recent move I have been feeling kind of out of it creatively, it was like there were so many creative stimulants that I didn’t know how I wanted to channel my creativity.  But thankfully my husband has been a great calm and stable support system during our move. So I have been in a really great mood and it’s like the music is playing to my mood and on that note the Theme Songs of the Week are Pitbull feat. Chris Brown ‘Fun’ and Walk the Moon ‘Shut Up and Dance’;  these songs are so upbeat and literally get my creativity happy juices flowing.  Check them out below and make sure to dance today, there is always something to dance for.




Start With You……. Being A Force In Changing The World

How Can One Person Be A Force In Changing The World?! First and simplest step is to start with you.

With Earth Day recently and the news constantly reporting on societal issues going on, I have been feeling some type of way.  I’m an avid news watcher, reader and all around enthusiast of being well-informed; with Earth Day recently being celebrated and the news constantly reporting on societal issues going on, I have been feeling some type of way :-(.   Being well-informed can have you feeling depressed and angry.  A lot of  today’s issues(Racial & Gender Equality, Climate Change, Police Brutality and so much more) seem to have a simple solutions; then you wonder why is it so hard for our community and world leaders to have these same simple answers to implement to make the world a better place?  But once you sit and think how everyone’s opinions need to be taken into accountant and addressed before implementing changes, then you’re left feeling angry and frustrated again!  Now you’re back to asking yourself how can little ol’ me be heard?! How can I change things?   

Start with you!  Lately I have been really attempting to become more involved with justice and equality protest, but I literally haven’t had the time! Since relocating, getting situated and trying to take advantage of as many career opportunities while I can and working to provide financially for the future, I just don’t have the time.  Instead of being one those people who whines and doesn’t do anything but talk about what they don’t like about the world, I thought I’m going to start with ‘the woman in the mirror’.  I can do this by being an example of what I want to see.

Examples of starting with the woman in the mirror:  I want a cleaner planet – I will recycle, use less harmful products (plastic bags, harmful cleaning products, and beauty products etc.)

I want people to be better educated about African heritage and history – If someone says something ignorant, I try to inform them with facts so that they can educate the others like themselves who are misinformed/ ignorant.  I post a lot of educational articles and facts on my social media channels.

People who are ignorant to racial, gender and police brutality issues – I try to listen to the different points of view and empathize with everyone’s situation.   There are some people who no matter how many ways you try to inform them of the issues going on outside of their safe bubble they will continue to reject facts and those people you have to let live in their ignorant/safe bubble of ignorance

I would like to help the homeless – I donate any dollars bills or loose change to homeless people when I can.  Also I am seeking volunteer opportunities through volunteermatch.org and other venues.

Those are just some ways I start with me in my effort to be a force of change in the world.


Below are some recent OOTD photos, since relocating to Los Angeles.  I am looking forward to doing more photo shoots using the natural landscape and taking full advantage of my surroundings.  Looking forward to making more lifestyle videos, short fashion videos and getting more involved with my YouTube channel.  Stay tuned and leave a comment below of ways that you or someone you know is being a force of positive change in the world :-)


So you have decided where you want to travel #MillennialsOnTheMove

How and with what money? #MillennialsOnTheMove

I am a little behind on my post due to me and my husbands recent move across the country! And I didn’t think it would be as exhausting and time-consuming as it is, but you live and you learn.

Now that you have decided on where and why you want to vacation or relocate, how do you plan to pay for it?! Most people get used to living pay check to pay check, i.e. You get your standard biweekly pay check you budget out your bills and activities you regularly like to do and then you feel like you never have enough time or money for anything extra. Most people are literally too scared to take a week off of work for a vacation because they think their job will either fall apart or the company will think that they can function without them. Americans have shown to be the least likely to use their vacation time for the above reasons, http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/01/05/americans-vacation-days-2014_n_6419100.htmlhttp://www.cnn.com/2014/10/22/travel/u-s-workers-vacation-time/http://www.nytimes.com/roomfordebate/2014/09/04/why-dont-americans-take-vacation-7http://www.pbs.org/thisemotionallife/blogs/vanishing-american-vacation

Taking time to regroup and relax is a necessity in order to continue being great at whatever you do. Just like you need to turn off electronics in order to allow them to reboot, your brain and body needs that same rest moment. Take it!… you’ve earned it!

How to plan ahead for your earned time off;

-Clock in a few extra hours before taking your trip in order to be ahead on your work

-Reach out to a coworker to see if they can assist you with any urgent work that may come up while you’re out.

-Be sure to work around the vacation time you have earned to be able to fully enjoy it
In order to finance your vacation, there are many options;

  • Get a part-time job- you can use the money earned for your vacation so that you can still finance the lifestyle you have come accustomed with your full-time job/career.
  • Work overtime- if your job offers overtime hours, jump on that. Instead hanging out with friends for hour happy 3 times a week or going home and being a couch potato, maximize that extra time so that you can have long-term satisfaction by traveling and experiencing the world.
  • For go daily over spending- instead of shopping every sale, save that money. Every time you get the urge to shop or eat out at some expensive restaurant put the money aside for your trip and find a free or dirt cheap activity to substitute the urge. (i.e. go for a job, try cooking a new recipe, go to a museum, etc.)

The key is once you have made up your mind to take the vacation, set a date and everything. Do not go back on your word to yourself, it will become a cycle of letting yourself down. Do everything in your power to make your vacation happen.

If relocating make sure to map out realistic steps to reach your end goal. You do not have to have everything planned out, but as long as you keep your end goal/ vision of how you can see living in this new environment after researching then you can make it for any unexpected mishaps.

  • First do not burn any bridges before leaving; Don’t do anything that can hinder you in the long-term. i.e. abruptly leave a job, lease etc.
  • Make sure to tie up any loose ends. i.e. Farewell the family and friends, turn in your cable box, make sure to get any prescriptions you may need, etc.
  • Have a loose plan- meaning nothing is completely set in stone unless you are being relocated by a company/ job or the military, even then anything can happen and plans can abruptly change. As long as you have a loose plan mapped out, you always have a road map to help you know what your ultimate goals and steps to reach are.

Financially, you have many options to finance your relocation.

  • Get a part-time job/ work overtime- knowing that you are working toward a major goal of changing your lifestyle forever, any job you get will be labor done out of passion and though you may get tired you know it will all be worth it in the long-term.
  • Sell items that are weighing you down- have a yard sell and get ready of as much a possible. You might have to sell stuff for dirt cheap but it’s okay material things you can get again. Of course don’t sell sentimental things, but be totally honest with yourself and realize some stuff is just junk that is keeping you stuck in an environment that you are trying to move away from. Go through your closet and see what you can sell to a consignment shop or on eBay etc. Some great places to sell furniture is online college boards, Facebook (you would be surprised at how the people you directly know may be interested in purchasing gently used furniture) & Craigslist (be careful of scams, and people who aren’t really interested in purchasing)
  • Save, save, save- forgo as much as humanly possible; pricey meals, shopping, going eat, etc. You don’t have to be completely miserable before moving but you have to constantly keep in mind long-term v.s. short-term satisfaction. *Relocating is not for the faint of heart especially if it is going to be drastically different or far from your current location.*

Keep in mind through the good and the rough times that you are working towards enriching your life through this new and exciting experience. It’s not all about the end goal, it is also about the journey. Below is a short video (I plan on making a longer vlog but I have a lot of footage from the 6day trip that has to be edited)  of me and my hubby driving across the country to relocate to California, check it out and comment what your future travel plans are or if you have any questions feel free to ask.

Where & Why #MillennialsOnTheMove

So you want to travel? Are you looking to relocate or just experience the world with a quick vacation? Either way the first thing to do is research.

If you’re looking to relocate, the main thing to narrow down for research is an environment type; what is the living cost? Does it match your budget? Are you looking for a city or a country feel? What are the transportation options, do you need a car or is public transportation sufficient? What are potential career options in the area? And finally what is your ultimate goal or gains from relocating?

If you’re looking to take a vacation, research should focus around budget, time frame, desired environment, and potential activities.

Just by taking the first step towards your goal of travel you can make all your dreams come true. Step 1- is envisioning your goal, by researching you can better envision and therefore actualize your goals/dreams. The next #MillennialsOnTheMove post will be about financing your relocation or vacation. #2015LivingMyDreams

Flash Back Friday: Travel Edition

FlashBackFriday: Travel Edition

“Can I get a window seat”…..  reminiscing on past vacations, during this bitter East Coast winter.  Have you ever just thought I need change?  Have you ever acted on it?  What usually stopped me from acting on my urges to leave everything behind and go after what I want, there was always an obligation (job, family, etc.).  Looking through old photos and videos helped me remind myself of how much I love to travel, and that travel can be done on any budget.  Check out my below short vlog of my past travels and let me know where is your next destination, are you in the process of researching destinations, time frame, or budget?  Also be on the lookout for future blogs documenting our (me, hubby, & Jimi our dog) cross-country journey to California; I will be sharing all the great tips and pointers I learn along the way :-) #MillenialsOnTheMove


Monday Music Madness

Theme song of the week is *drum roll*….. Take Me to Church by Hozier

I may be a little late to the rock party of Irish singer/songwriter Hozier but it seems he has taken the music world by storm with his self-titled debut album.  Check out the song that will be helping me get through this week especially since I can’t get it out of my head ‘Take Me to Church’, this guy is sure to become a rock legend.

Some of his other notable songs from his self-titled debut album are ‘Jackie and Wilson’ and ‘Work Song’ check them out below.

Flash Back Friday: Fashion Edition

I’ve been M.I.A. lately due to my work obligations, hopefully in the near future I will be able to update you with a few links to my actual bread and butter work.  For now check out the below ‘Flash Back Friday: Fashion Edition’ for what I’ve been wearing over the Fall and now Winter season.









I’m Just Saying……. (Bill Cosby allegations)

How did the mass media acquire the power to be judge and jury?

I wasn’t going to comment on the whole Bill Cosby allegations but I can not hold in my thoughts any longer.

First of all you can not believe everything that the mass media puts out; TV, newspapers, and online news sites only put out what brings them the most viewers, buyers and web clicks. Meaning they give you the most sensational part of any story, basically they go for shock value.

Secondly if you read more into these women who have come forward with allegations, you will see that at least one of them admitted to having an on again off again affair with Bill Cosby for two years after she alleges she was drugged and woke up disheveled. Does that not seem odd?!

Third some of these women admit to voluntarily being flown to different locations to meet Cosby, taking alcoholic drinks and unknown pills from him. And then after being allegedly assaulted the women say they continued to go to visit Cosby in apartments/places by themselves.

So my question is you trusted a man from TV so much that you would go to a private location by yourself and then after being allegedly drugged and waking up disheveled you would continue to go see this man and be flown to different cities to visit him. Not to mention these women were between the ages of 17-22 yrs., why in the hell are you flying out to see a married man twice your age and having drinks with him?!

No woman should have to fear for her well being around any man, and no the blame is not all on the woman. Both parties have to hold some responsibility. I do believe that Mr. Cosby is a hypocrite and most likely had affairs galore and he will be judged by the only one who can judge him GOD. But once again that is my opinion after looking over the facts of the allegations, don’t follow the masses and make the decision to find this man guilty in the court of public opinion while allowing others to have the decency to being innocent until proven guilty. Where is the proof!

I say all this to say we as the black community need to not allow mass media to turn every black male into a monster and not allow them to tarnish the groundbreaking, positive, iconic image of The Cosby Show. One of the few shows that displays our community in a positive light.

Source of where I read more about the allegations- http://www.cnn.com/…/cele…/bill-cosby-allegations/index.html