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Mirror, Mirror On The Wall ….. Which work OOTD is killing them all?


I love having fun with fashion, I go for comfort and cute with a side of grown woman.  I pride myself on the ability of being able to be fly on a budget.  I usually have extremely good self control when it comes to shopping for clothes but if there is an unbelievable sell all bets are off.  Recently some of my favorite stores were having unadvertised sales, H&M, Call It Spring (Shoe Store), Forever21 and Zara had sales with additional 50% off already marked down items.  Well of course I had to treat myself, I will post about my treasures another time for now let me know what you think of my Werk (work) Wardrobe.  WATCH ME WERK


Cute and Business Casual
Cute and Business Casual
Classy Business Chic
Classy Business Chic
Simple Black Dress
Simple Black Dress


Eccentric and Business Chic
Eccentric and Business Chic



VIP Access to Howard Theatre Grand ReOpening Celebration!

Washington DC celebrated the Grand ReOpening of the Historic Howard Theatre April 9th – April 16th with sold out shows, and I was priviledged to attend a couple of the events.  I received an invitation to attend the VIP GRAND OPENING CONCERT & CELEBRATION featuring live performances by Trombone Shorty with a special guest appearance from the legendary George Clinton.  I was also invited to attend the first Sunday brunch event with performances from The Harlem Gospel Choir.

The newly renovated Howard Theatre brings a touch of old Hollywood glam with a modern twist to the vibrant Washington DC area.  Below are a few pics and a video documenting the events.

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I had the pleasure of attending the Nordstrom Cosmetics 2012 Beauty Getaway at Pentagon City Mall on Saturday March 17.  The cosmetic trunk show took started bright and early at 8am and guests were invited to pre-schedule beauty makeover appointments with their choice cosmetic line (MAC, Clinique, Lancôme, and etc.).  For those that got to the event early enough received stylish neon tote bags.  Before customers made their way to the cosmetic counters to shop there was a cosmetic extravaganza runway show where there was a showcase of new beauty arrivals. Runway Beauty Day  I was interested in attending the cosmetic trend show after

Clinique even better

purchasing the Clinique Even Better Clinical dark spot corrector, a week before the event.  I have mentioned before my life has been crazy lately, and slightly stressful trying to adjust to my move back to Maryland from New York City.  And like many others I tend to get acne breakouts and scarring when I’m stressed out so after reading reviews and researching products I wanted to try out the dark spot corrector by Clinique.  My skin goes through ups and downs every so often and I felt this product would work best for my sensitive skin because it is fragrance free and many reviews stated it helped to prevent breakouts. After beginning usage of the dark spot corrector I immediately noticed I had less breakouts, this solidified my decision to attend the cosmetic trend show and see what other products I could get my hands on.  But anyways my complete review will be based on how long it last, past skin complexion to current skin complexion and overall rating from 1-5 with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest.


How long the 1fl. oz. (basically 2tbsp) bottle will last-

The bottle lasted me about a month, but I will say that the first few days of use I was slightly wasteful. A little goes a long way with this product, literally two squirts will be enough to cover your entire face.

Skin complexion-

I do believe my skin complexion has evened out more than usual and I definitely have a little glow.  My break outs a minimal and if I do have a break out after I apply the spot corrector it goes away much faster than usual.

Rating from 1-5-

I give this product a 3.5 because though the spots are fading I expected a faster spot correction.  For example I thought once the bottle was finished my skin would have a way more even tone.  But I do believe it helps prevent breakouts, and slow evens skin tone.  I believe if the bottle was bigger and last longer it would have better results.

Needless to say I chose to have make an appointment with Clinique at Nordstrom’s Cosmetic Trend Show.  I also picked up a few other products while at the cosmetic counter, the Even Better SPF 20 and the Perfectly Real Foundation.  I chose to purchase the Even Better SPF because ever since I got sunburn for the first time in Jamaica (I didn’t know black people could get sunburn) and then I read that it is recommended that you wear SPF everyday I figured it was a must have.  I chose the Perfectly Real Foundation because I needed more foundation and I didn’t like my MAC foundation anymore.  I learned a lot about new beauty products and had a ball getting my beauty makeover.  I will probably purchase a few more products in the future.  Below are photos from my day attending Nordstrom Beauty Getaway Cosmetics Trend Show 2012 I hope you enjoy and leave comments.

Make overs and cosmetic/beauty show
Make overs and beauty show

Guest Appearance on ‘The World According To Jop’


I was asked to be a guest on The World According To Jop where we had a discussion on topics that effect young people today.  The topics that we touched on were bullying and homosexuality (both very touchy topics).  All opinions that were expressed were our own personal opinions.  Please view and comment more work to come!


Andy Warhol’s Headlines!

Museum Exhibit Visit!

After the New Year’s holiday weekend I was determined to check out the Andy Warhol exhibit that was on display at The National Gallery of Art in Washington DC.  Monday afternoon me and my Lil’ Sis went on an adventure to view the exhibit and catch the Urban Outfitters sale in Chinatown (we found major deals!).

Andy Warhol exhibit 2
Andy Warhol exhibit 1

The National Gallery of Art Andy Warhol exhibit was temporary and displayed Warhol’s Pop Culture Headline artwork.  The exhibit was on display from September 25- January 2, 2012.  The artwork on display is largely based on headlines from tabloid news that influenced him.  There were approximately 80 pieces of work representing the range of Warhol’s practice from paintings, drawings, prints, photography, sculpture, film, video, and television.  The headlines included many of his key subjects of choice from celebrity, death, disaster, and current events of the time.  It was not permitted to take photographs while walking through the exhibit located on the third floor of the East building in The National Gallery of Art.  But I managed to snap a few pics before fully entering the gallery.  (Below are a few photographs)

Me & Sis at Andy Warhol exhibit
Andy Warhol exhibit 3

Andrew Warhola (August 6, 1928-February 22, 1987) is considered among the foremost American artists of the last century, he is also considered one of the most important 20th century artists in the world.  Many young adults today may know him from his famous cans of Campbell’s Soup paintings or accessories and t-shirts with his artwork depicted in them.  I know my first artwork of Warhol’s was a large purse with one of his paintings depicted on the front that I carried school books in.  I am also a fan of his paintings and famous phrases.  His supposed statement “in the future everyone will be world famous for 15 minutes” has become life reflecting art in today’s society of reality TV stars.  Warhol’s influence is still indisputable in today’s society.

Andy Warhol pins

The exhibit was very intriguing and made you really stop and think about how pop culture influenced art and society during Warhol’s time and even now.  For example Warhol’s artwork consisted of newspaper clippings from President Kennedy’s assassination to Madonna’s tabloid blurbs and everything in between.  There was footage of an interview Warhol did during the early 80’s and in the interview you can get more of a feel of Warhol’s artistic demeanor.  The exhibit is scheduled for display in Frankfurt, Rome, and Pittsburgh.





Thoughts for the day…..

I count myself pretty lucky in today’s time of the second worst recession in the history of the United States.  Many are without jobs, a place to live, health insurance, or hope for the future.  I think the protest and entire movement of “Occupy Wall Street” and the 99% of America is truly inspiring.  I always secretly wanted to be alive during the protests in the late 1960’s early 70’s, when people took a stand for what they believed in; and of course to be apart of history (and the cool fashion trends).  I love that demonstrations have been held in cities all around the world, supporting the cause not only in America but also around the world.  We are living through pretty historic times, take time to educate your self on the hard issues, and still find time to live in the moment and experience life.  With that being said live, love, laugh!

Fall Trends/ Hot List:


I’m currently obsessed with braids and effortless hippie chic styles.  Everyone is trying to be so different with girls going bald, or shaving off one side of their hair, to having colors that clearly do not go with their skin tone.  I applaud these girls for being daring and so called “being different” but your not being different if everyone else is doing it including your friends.

So me I choose to go back to basics, back to a simpler time, I want to channel my inner late 60’s early 70’s hippie feminist but with a futuristic spin.  From braids of all kinds from the fish tail to the side braid, to a natural curly fro, or a nice medium blunt bob, and light soft flowing effortless slightly messy curls.

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(When it comes to the bob I would most likely purchase a wig because I don’t plan on cutting my hair anytime soon.  Could it be my first wig purchase in the near future!)

Music Must Have! -

Of course I have to let you know about my choices for most anticipated album releases coming up.  I will always be a Drake fan, his passion and sincerity in his music is so easily relatable and I love it.  He keeps it real whether or not that means wearing his heart on his sleeve or admitting to his insecurities while working in the entertainment industry.  How can you not get sucked in to the catchy chorus, and vivid story telling (as I currently watch him perform on SNL while I type up this blog post).  I don’t know how I feel about him referencing Howard University my alma mater in his second single ‘Make Me Proud’ feat. Nicki Minaj.  But anyways needless to say I cannot wait until his sophomore album ‘Take Care’ is released November 15, 2011!!!!

Next up the red hair rebel no longer, Miss Rhianna is back with what I expect will be a pretty good album, especially with the way her first single “We found love” sounds.  I personally love it, very upbeat, fun and a club banger for sure.  Rhianna’s album ‘Talk That Talk’ will be released November 21, 2011.

Some other November releases are Common ‘The Dream. The Believer’ November 22, and Monica ‘New Life’.  Also I am a country music fan and big Miranda Lambert fan her album ‘Four The Record’ will be released November 1.



I do apologize for those of you out there tuned into my blog, I had to take a hiatus.  While I was gone a lot has happened I received my Bachelor’s degree from Howard University, I also have been traveling from DC/Maryland/ and New York City for work, and in between life’s roller coasters some great music, movies, fashion, and events have happened.  Well I am back to keep you informed with all the fliest music, fashion, entertainment, and events!!

First thing is first, with the big news of Beyonce being pregnant her every move is being watched so when her video recently debuted for the song “Countdown” everyone has been talking about her baby bump, and her ode to Audrey Hepburn!!  I have always had a personal friendly competition going with ‘B’ ….. but let me tell you I LOVE THIS VIDEO!!!!  She wins hands down, beautiful with a baby bump, great successful husband, amazing career and still working it THIS IS THE MODERN WOMAN!!!!  This what I have been trying to tell people when they say you can’t have it all, that we (women) have to choose (family, or career).  We can have it all it just takes time, hard work, patience, and faith!  I’m so happy for her!!

Beyonce was quoted during an interview with CNN that I think is just amazing…. “I feel like a woman. I feel like I’m very aware of who I am. I feel great and I feel like 30 is the ideal age [to start a family], because you’re mature enough to know who you are and to have your boundaries and your standards, and not be afraid, too polite — but you’re young enough to be a young woman,” she said. “I’m so looking forward to it.”

Check out her amazing video!!!! LOVE IT!


In other news……. Continue reading

The Hidden Shopping Treasure in Adams Morgan

SMASH! (Adams Morgan DC)

While exploring the great Washington DC area, I stumbled upon a somewhat hidden-away treasure in the Adams Morgan area, which is best known for its nightlife and bars. SMASH! a unique store known for its punk hardcore indie rock LP’s and vintage clothes. But don’t let the shop’s eccentric style throw you off. It has amazing assortment of music from soul, to reggae, to pop, and many more. If you enjoy collecting old fashion records you would LOVE this place, located at 2314 18th ST NW on the 1st Floor, everything is very reasonably priced. For example I found a record in the reggae section, I found a record of Bob Marley and the Wailers greatest hits for $8.99. What a steal!

Vinyl records

Music lovers are not the only type of people that this store attracts. The variety of vintage clothes and shoes would have any true fashion lover in a frenzy. The clothes include all styles from coats, skirts, unique t-shirts, and pants. The shoes include high fashion boots to sassy sling back heels. The stylish accessories range from buttons to sunglasses to purses and much more. As many styles are recycled and emerge again over time, this store seems to have clothes, accessories and shoes that range from all decades of fashion.

Vintage Clothes

The co-owner of SMASH! was enthusiastic when speaking about her stores history. Daisy Lacy, the co-owner started as an employee of the original store, which was located in Georgetown originally. When the original store owner decided to close, Daisy and her co-owner wanted to keep the first punk rock store in the city alive and, just relocated it to the Adams Morgan three years ago. This hidden treasure is on 18th street Northwest Washington DC. Don’t leave the city without first stopping by this great shop and picking up a record, some cute shoes, a one of a kind t-shirt, and of course some sunglasses.